How do you adopt an animal from New Beginnings Animal Rescue? Once an animal is ready for adoption, the best suitable home is selected. We do not operate on a first come, first serve basis. Our adoption process goes as follows:


1.     Fill out the adoption application


2.     Allow 3-5 days for processing (especially on weekends/holidays).


3.    We will call you to begin the approval process. We will be happy to provide you any information you may have regarding this process. Any additional information regarding the animal such as personality or training, will be provided to you via the animals foster . All communication is done via the email address listed on the Adoption Application, through text, or via phone call. Please note, sometimes additional information is necessary.


4.     Once approved, a home visit is required. We will contact you when you are pending home visit, as this is the last step in the approval process. Please note that different animals will require different environments based on age, size, breed, or personality.


5.     Once approved you will be contacted by either a rescue volunteer or the foster of the animal! They will schedule a time and date with you for your meet and greet. We will also send out both e the adoption contract and invoice. These will be sent to your email from SignNow and Square. If, once you meet the animal, you would like to adopt, these can be filled out on site. Once completed, you will be able to take the animal home with you.


6. Within the next 48-72 hours, we will close out your adoption. You will get a final adoption email with all vetting records, copies of both the contract and paid invoice, and directions on how to move forward with the microchip registration. We will register it for you, but there will be further information in the email.